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Emmaus Sundays: June 24, Community Sabbath


Two more Emmaus Sundays to conclude this wonderful program, we’ve had amazing volunteers. We invited our community guests to award them with certificates during our service on Sabbath June 24, between 10:45 AM and 12:15 PM. Praise God! our guests accepted the invitation. Please pray that they attend with their families and friends.

We’re planning June 24, to be an open community Sabbath day and also invite communities such as Police, Kingsway businesses, MLAs, and others. Please invite your families, neighbors, friends, and coworkers so the church mingles and worships with our community in the spirit of REACH initiative. There will be luncheon for our guests.

You’re invited on June 24, at 3:00PM to distribute cards in our church neighborhood and invite our community to attend July 2, “Canada Day Weekend Pancake Breakfast,” and enjoy a free movie “War Room” in the evening of August 26. Please plan to attend, it’ll be the same way we invited our community for Emmaus Sundays.

Sabbath June 24, will be awesome community day and I look forward to the blessings of the day.

Remember to contact the program managers (Ceri Purcell, Junior Hayden, Stephen Machungo, and Brian Allman) and volunteer for July 2.

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