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Emmaus Sunday May 7 Update: The Lord Has Been With Us

The sixth Emmaus Sunday on May 7, was similar to Apr 30, indicating that the events have stabilized. The community members have become very comfortable and two of them brought their friends.

The new visitors were very pleased with the programs and commented that everyone they met was very friendly and jovial. Apparently, Pastor Enock has infected his laughter to other volunteers. Surely The Lord has been with us journeying to Emmaus and our hearts are burning within us.

We plan to issue our guests with certificates of participation at the end of Emmaus Sundays and we’ll combine the graduation with another REACH Initiative event planned for Sunday July 2. This fun event is titled “Canada Day Weekend Pancake”. On this day all church members are invited to flip pancakes for our community members, passerby, and our guests. The event will use the banner “Kingsway Instructional Centre” and the program managers are Ceri Purcell, Brian Purcell, and Steve Machungo. The managers will need many volunteers please be ready to respond with the same enthusiasm you’ve become known for.

We’re just beginning our new way of constantly reaching out to our community in the culture of REACH Initiative and The Lord has been with us journeying together.

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