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REACH Initiative: KIC – Lord’s Blessing

Kingsway Instructional Centre

Lord’s Blessing

Registration for Emmaus Sundays is closing this Sabbath Mar 25. As of Thu Mar 23, Guitar, ESL, Pronunciation, and Healthy vegetarian cooking courses were oversubscribed with waiting lists. The other courses are registered as: Math tutoring – 3, Financial literacy – 7, and Fitness exercise – 9. About 1,500 individuals visited Kingsway Instructional Centre over 2,100 times and about 82 community members have committed to connect with us for up to 12 weeks, Praise ye The Lord!!

Some of the registrants have commented that they want to connect with other community members, we’re looking forward to connecting with them starting on April 2. Please continue praying for our Lord to part the “Red Sea” for us to REACH our community and Journeying Together to Canaan.

We still need volunteers, please this Sabbath at the Foyer, fill your name against the time and date slot that you wish to volunteer.

Happy Sabbath

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